Why Everyone Talks About Sammy Sosa

Some Of The Mind-Blowing Baseball Facts

Sammy Sosa the Dominican American professional baseball player born on 12th November 1968 in Batey Community in Consuelo. He played as a right fielder. Sammy Sosa kick-started his baseball career with the Texas Rangers and then joined the Chicago Cubs in 1992. Some of his major career highlights include:

  • He became one of the most prevalent hitters in the baseball arena.
  • In his 1,354th game, he scored his 400th home run.
  • Sammy Sosa achieved this feat quicker than any other player of his era.
  • Sosa has hit 600 runs and he is one amongst the nine players in the history of MLB to do so.
  • Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire jumped to their fame in the year 1998 for their home run hitting ability. They were running for the Roger Maris home run record.
  • During his stint with the Chicago Cubs, he held several records which included 7-time All-Star.
  • He hit his famous 600th career home run with the Texas Rangers and became the fifth player in the history of MLB to achieve this milestone.
  • Thrice in a single season, he has hit 60 or more home runs and he is the only player to achieve this feat.
  • Sammy Sosa had 160 RBI’s in a single season and he was amongst the three National League player since 1900 to achieve this milestone.
Why Everyone Talks About Sammy Sosa
Why Everyone Talks About Sammy Sosa

His MLB career

  • Sammy Sosa made his MLB debut in the year 1989. He played for the Texas Rangers as a left fielder.
  • Rangers exchanged him with Chicago White Sox in 1989 for Harold Baines and Fred Manrique.
  • He scored his career’s first home run off Roger Clemens.
  • Texas Rangers again signed Sammy Sosa in the year 2000 for the minor league in a record deal of $500,000.
  • After four famous players, Sammy Sosa was the fifth player who in a regular-season hit 600 home runs in the history of MLB.
  • He publicly expressed his desire to retire from the baseball on 3rd June 2009.
Why Everyone Talks About Sammy Sosa
Why Everyone Talks About Sammy Sosa

The Controversy Regarding Sosa And The Hall Of Fame

The New York Times on 16th June 2009 reported that Sammy Sosa was suspected to be on a list of players who have tested positive for using performance-enhancing drugs in the 2003 season. For several years he tried to clear his name from this controversy. Commissioner Rob Manfred finally, announced on 2nd October 2016, that the reports were inconclusive. He failed to get elected to the famous Hall of Fame with a miserable performance of 12.5% votes in 2013, 7.2% votes in 2014, 6.6% votes in 2015, and 7.0% votes in 2016.

His Personal Life

Sonia Rodriguez is Sammy Sosa’s wife who is a Dominican TV artist and has six offspring; Keysha, Kenia, Sammy Jr., Michael, Kalexy, and Rolando. He was wedded by the Catholic Church at Altos de Chavon, La Romana on 18th December 2004. Baltimore Orioles and the Texas Rangers were Sosa’s last team appearance for before ending his career.

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