Why Are Players So Obsessed With Baseball Pitching Machine

A baseball pitching machine is a great way to practice baseball as this machine helps to automatically throw baseballs at different speeds and in various styles to the batters. These baseball pitching machine are generally automatic or manual. The manual machine requires the balls to be fed manually by hand. These pitching machines are of various types:

  • Softball
  • Baseball
  • Youth
  • Adult
  • Combination of softball and baseball

The pre-historic baseball pitching machine was designed in 1897 by Charles Hinton for the team’s batting practice for the Princeton University. This machine was capable of throwing the balls at variable speeds and with adjustable breech size. They were also capable of throwing curveballs using a couple of rubber-coated steel fingers near the pitcher muzzle.  

The more modern prototype of the arm-type pitching machine came in 1952. It had a metal arm with a large mounted gear and it was the perfect simulation of an actual pitcher. The best part of this machine was that it threw balls at consistent speed and direction which was a great help for the batter. In 1916, Bartley N Marty had the patent for the One and Two-Wheel style baseball pitching machine.

Design Specification Of These Machines

There are two popular types of baseball pitching machine; Arm Action Machine and Circular Wheel Machine. The Arm Action Machine regulates the pitching in a manner that it carries the ball at the end of the bracket. It will give you a feeling of a hand-pitched ball as the ball delivery takes place in an overhand motion. In contrary, the Circular Wheel Machine consists of wheels that rotate quite similarly to a bike’s tire. The wheels are set either in a vertical or a horizontal form and the circular machine shoots the balls towards the batter after being fed into the wheels. Three-wheel machines are the most preferred because of its ability to adjust easily and being able to pitch in a wide variety of styles.

Franklin Sports MLB Power Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine

Franklin Sports MLB Power Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine
Franklin Sports MLB Power Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine

Importance Of A Baseball Pitching Machine

The most important feature of the baseball pitching machine is that it allows you to practice on your own without the need for any help from anyone. In normal circumstances, these machines are set up in a batting cage that has a net around. This net helps to capture the ball after it is hit so that you don’t have to run the distance trying to keep collecting the balls. Overall, these pitching machine aids you to keep up with your practice session without having to hassle or drag other players to help you.

Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine

Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine
Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine

Features Of The Baseball Pitching Machine

  • This machine includes 6 aero strike balls and it can hold up to 9 balls.
  • Replacement balls are also available at an additional cost.
  • This electronic baseball pitching machine encourages adults and kids to improve on their batting skills through uninterrupted practice.
  • It pitches balls every 7 seconds.
  • This machine has a red light indicator which gives you advance ultimatum to get ready to strike.
  • It comes with an adjustable height which makes it easier for you to practice with different angles styles.
  • It is a perfect solution to help you grow as a batter if you are looking to start playing baseball professionally.
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