The Reason Why Everyone Loves Roberto Clemente

Roberto Clemente was a famous Puerto Rican professional baseball player who was born on 18th August 1934 in Barrio San Anton, Puerto Rico. He is a legend who has played 18 seasons in MLB for the Pittsburgh Pirates and has earned his place into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1973. Roberto Clemente became the foremost player of the Latin American origin to receive this honor. His sudden death brought about a change in the precedent. Earlier there was a requirement of a five year retirement period to induct him into the hall of fame for a player who has been died for six months back to be eligible for an entry here.

Know More Roberto Clemente Early years

Roberto Clemente’s baseball career started at an early age of 18, when Pedrin Zorilla offered him a contract for Cangrejeros de Santurce on 9th October 1952. It was the professional winter team of the Puerto Rican League. He was set aside as a bench player during his first season but soon got his promotion to the starting lineup in the following season. After his fantastic performance in this season, he got a contract by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1954. After signing with them, Roberto Clemente moved to Montreal to play with the Royals. The extra-inning walk-off home run on 25th July 1954 was his first home run in his North American baseball career. In his first six weeks of MLB career, Roberto always wore number 21 which was later retired by the Pirates.

The Reason Why Everyone Loves Roberto Clemente
The Reason Why Everyone Loves Roberto Clemente

Insight Into His Personal Life

Roberto Clemente married Vera Zabala at the San Fernando Church in Carolina on 14th November 1964. They had three children, namely; Roberto Jr., Luis Roberto, and Roberto Enrique. During his offseason or his leisure time, Roberto Clemente devoted much of his spare time doing charity work. There was a massive earthquake in Managua in 1972, and Clemente did not waste any time and immediately started the work to arrange emergency relief flights. While working Clemente got the realization that some corrupt officials were diverting the relief aid for their personal gain. Thereafter he decided to escort the next one to avoid a recurrence of these corrupt activities. While traveling in a flight with a history of snags, it developed a mechanical failure that ended Clemente’s life in a fatal crash.

The Reason Why Everyone Loves Roberto Clemente
The Reason Why Everyone Loves Roberto Clemente

Clemente’s Awards & Achievements

Roberto Clemente got unanimous votes into the Hall of Fame with an overwhelming 92.7% vote. MLB has been presenting the ‘Roberto Clemente Award’ since 1976 each year to a player with outstanding skills in baseball and who is also loves to do community work. Roberto Clemente has received many prestigious civilian and sports awards like:

  • Walker Congressional Gold Medal
  • Presidential Citizens Medal
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • NL MVP Awards
  • NL Player of the month Award
  • World Series MVP Award
  • NL Gold Glove Award
  • Commissioner’s Historic Achievement Award
  • Sportsman of the Year Award
  • Man of the Year Award
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