Never Underestimate The Influence Of Mickey Mantle

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Mickey Mantle, the American baseball player was born on 20th October 1931. He also was known by two nicknames The Commerce Comet and The Mick. Throughout his MLB career, Mickey Mantle was with the New York Yankees. Mantle was a professional center fielder and the first baseman. He was one of the best player and great slugger during his professional career. He is known for his switch-hitting in the history of baseball. It was in 1974 that the Baseball Hall of Fame gave entry to Mickey Mantle. In 1999, the Major League Baseball chose Mantle for the All-Century team. Mantle was the best offensive threat of any cente fielder in the history of baseball. He was born to Lovell and Elven Charles Mantle. His great grandfather-George Mantle was a British from the Black County in England.

Never Underestimate The Influence Of Mickey Mantle
Never Underestimate The Influence Of Mickey Mantle

The Career Statistics Of Mickey Mantle

  • He has the highest career OPS+ for any center fielder.
  • Mantle had the highest stolen base percentage in the history of professional baseball until his retirement.
  • As compared to his other teammates in the All-Century team, he had the lowest career rate of grounding into double plays.
  • He also had the highest World Series on-base and slugging percentage.
  • Mantle had a brilliant 0.984 fielding percentage when playing center field.
  • He was also known for his skill to hit for both average and power.
  • He has hit 536 MLB career home runs.
  • Mickey Mantle has batted .300 or more ten times.
  • He is a career leader in walk-off home runs.

His Awards & Achievements      

  • In 1956, Mantle won the Triple Crown.
  • He got the American League Most Valuable Player Award thrice.
  • Mantle has won the Gold Glove once.
  • He holds the World Series records for 18 home runs, 40 RBI’s, 26 extra-base hits, 42 runs, 43 walks, and 123 total bases.
  • Mickey Mantle has featured in 12 World Series including 7 championships.

Honours Given to Him

  • June 8th 1969 was the Mickey Mantle Day when his number 7 was retired and he got a bronze plaque.
  • In 1998 he was placed at the 17th position in Baseball’s 100 Greatest Players List by The Sporting News.
  • In the same year, he was one of the 100 nominees for the Major League Baseball All-Century Team.
  • Mickey Mantle was listed as number 37 in the 50 Greatest Athletes Series by ESPSN Sports Century.
  • He had featured on the United States Postage Stamp in 2006.
  • There is a statue built in his memory at the Mickey Mantle Plaza at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark.
Never Underestimate The Influence Of Mickey Mantle
Never Underestimate The Influence Of Mickey Mantle

His Personal Life

Merlyn Johnson is Mantle’s wife. The couple has four sons. He describes very beautifully about his experience of the 1956 season in his book ‘My Favorite Summer 1956’ which he wrote in 1992. He was an alcoholic and had also received treatment for the same. In 1994, he lost his son Billy to substance abuse. Mantle underwent a liver transplant in 1995 as his liver had severe damage due to his alcoholism. Mantle has been a source of inspiration for many aspiring baseball players.

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