Know These Baseball Betting Tips Before Placing A Bet

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Betting on baseball is always very interesting. Just as it may go extremely positive, it may go the other way just as sudden. It however is very different from placing a bet on either football or basketball. While football and basketball bets are based on points, baseball bets are based on moneyline.

When betting on baseball games, you can bet either on the favorites, or on the underdogs. The favorite is the team expected to win a particular game, while the underdog is the team not expected to win. Betting on the favorite, if won, means lesser return on your wager, while betting on the underdog attracts a greater return on the amount you wagered. Hence, you have to know some baseball betting tips before placing a bet.

Do Not Place Bets On Big Favorites

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It has been established that the public likes placing bets on big favorites, like the Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox. Due to this, oddsmaker will capitalize and make these teams overpriced. Regular people tend to wager on them without taking note of the underlying numbers.

Some of the teams will be at -150, or even -200. Therefore, when you place bets on the favorites, you will be putting yourself at risk. If you do win, the payout will be minimal. If you however lose, you’ll lose a lot of money, ending up in red units.

Capitalize On Plus-Money Underdogs

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The first tip is to avoid placing bets on the favorites, the second tip will be to place bets on the underdogs. Most underdogs are always in the positive (+150, +170), so placing bets on them would be wise. If the underdog team ends up losing, you only lose the amount you wagered. However, if you do win your bet, the payout will be massive.

Place Bets Against The Public

The fact is that, most times, the public loses its bet. Therefore, betting against the public is of value. A random person will place bets on big favorites, bet against underdogs, bet on home teams, and teams with more star players. He tends to lose most times.

The public also falls victim to recency bias often. They tend to bet on teams that look great in the most recent game, and bet against the ones who don’t. And most times, they lose their bets. Hence, placing bets against the public mostly works out.


Baseball bets are based on moneyline, unlike football and basketball based on points. You either place bets on the favorites, or on the underdogs. However, there are some baseball betting tips you need to know when placing your bets. We mention some of them.

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