How Will Fantasy Baseball Be In The Future

Fantasy Baseball is a famous fictional game in which people control the roster of the league baseball players either in an online form or in a physical location. Fictional team names along with the player’s real-life statistics are used by participants to compete and score points. There have been many early forms of fantasy baseball which were also tabletop baseball. In 1961, IBM Corporation had coded one such game in which two teams could play one another using random number generation and players statistics. In the same year Rege Cordic, a well-known radio personality produced a radio show based on the program. Dugout Derby was the first national fantasy baseball competition which was developed by Lee Marc in 1989. It was the first game to convert the statistics of the game to a basic scoring system.

How Will Fantasy Baseball Be In The Future
How Will Fantasy Baseball Be In The Future

How To Play Fantasy Baseball

The game follows a model in which the participants can create a team of major league players, and trade them on a daily basis. The earned stats of those players ensue into points and with these points, the participants compete against each other to win prizes. Fantasy Baseball game allows you to be creative, thus giving you countless ways to play it. You can draft, score, and roster players in multiple ways according to your choice. The most popular style of playing this game is the head to head format. In this, all individual team gets to play against diverse teams each week to acquire wins through total points scored for the week. The teams with the majority win towards the end of the season enter into a playoff similar to MLB Postseason. The winner of the playoff is the winner of the season.

How Will Fantasy Baseball Be In The Future
How Will Fantasy Baseball Be In The Future

The Rotisserie Format

This is the original style of playing Fantasy Baseball and is very popular on numerous websites. In this format, the players from each team compile the statistics which is then ranked by category. Then the team which has the highest cumulative rank at the end of the season becomes the winner. This league adopts either a 4×4, or 5×5, or even a 6×6 format. The league uses the following statistics:

  • Batting Average of the team
  • The Total Home Runs
  • Total runs bat in
  • Stolen Bases
  • Total Wins
  • Total Saves
  • Team Earned run average
  • Team WHIP

The opponent teams play a round-robin table and at the end of the season, the team with best win-loss record becomes the winner of this Fantasy Baseball League.

The Facility Of Fantasy Trade Referees

As Fantasy Baseball is gaining popularity, this is also giving rise to disputes within the league for which Fantasy Trade Referees have come into existence. It is a panel of judges that the third party websites provide in exchange for a fee. Their primary function is to resolve all the disputes that arise within the owners of the fantasy team when they trade players within them.

The Keeper League

When a Fantasy Baseball pool rolls over to other years it is known as the Keeper League. This league allows each team to keep a certain number of players for the next season. They also have the option to keep all their players as long as they can afford to be under the league salary cap. Towards the end of each year, the team manager gets to decide which players they wish to retain. They fill the remaining slots via a fantasy draft before the MLB season opener.

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