How To Choose The Best Baseball Gloves For Different Positions

best baseball gloves

Baseball gloves are no longer just for the big leaguers. With the wide variety of brands and options available today, any type of player can find the best baseball glove to meet his or her needs. If you’re looking for the best glove for your next at-bat situation, read on to learn about some of the brand names that provide high quality equipment for every position in the diamond grass. From catching to playing, there is a pair of baseball gloves out there to fit every need. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best-selling brand names:

Best Baseball Gloves

Wilson: Known for its glove-making expertise, Wilson is one of the most respected manufacturers in the National League. Their styles include the Swopper, the Tourister, and the Wilson Pro 4. All three of these gloves feature premium leather with good traction, durable stitching, and comfortable finger grooves. Wilson also produces gloves made especially for catchers. For example, the Tourister is made especially for catchers, while the Swopper is made for other types of throwing needs. If you want the best baseball gloves, make sure to choose from a Wilson product.

Pfannenstag: If you’re looking for a durable, comfortable fit, then the Pfannenstag Pro Leather is a great choice. This model features an advanced finger loop design, which provides a snug fit without excessive bulk. Another option is the Pfannenstag Series 7, which has deep pockets and a leather cover with an elasticized wrist strap. This model is recommended for players with large hands. For those with small hands, the Pfannenstag Series 5 is a great choice.

Lewis: Known as the “otherworldly” glove maker, Lewis comes in several different styles. The Gaucho, Cheerleader, and Pilot series are the best baseball gloves for right-handed players. These models have synthetic leather covers and synthetic webbed fingers. The Cheerleader features a rubberized grip, while the Pilot has a rubberized exterior. The gaucho has a leather cover with an elasticized wrist strap.

Outfield: There’s one brand of glove on the market that every player should have in his bag: Wilson. This company designs the best baseball gloves for every position in the outfield. From second base to the outfield, these are crafted to withstand the wear and tear. The Trica Series 1 is one of the best baseball gloves for the outfield.

Outfield: The Wilson Pro Leather Series 1 works best for runners, but if you need a strong glove for the position, the Wilson Pro Series 2 is the best option. It features a nylon/elastic wrist strap and fits most players’ hand sizes. The Series 4, the Trica Series 3, works best for shortstops or second basemen, and the Trica Series 4 Extra Late, the last one listed, works best for right fielders. With all the options, it seems like every player needs at least one glove to take care of his throw.

First Base: When looking for the best baseball gloves for first basemen, look for a model that has excellent grip. The Wilson Classic Soft Leather Series 2 has an open weave design, while the Wilson Classic Soft Leather Series 3 has a closed weave design. It’s best for a player who is a natural hitter, but it’s still a very good fit for first basemen, since it won’t slip when the bat speed rises. The Wilson Pro Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 all have open weaves. For the position of second base, the Wilson Metro Series 3 has a closed weave design, and the Metro Series 4 has an open weave design. It’s best for a player with average speed, but the glove can be somewhat uncomfortable if he keeps hitting home runs.

Second Base: If a player needs more than just a glove to play second base, there are a couple of options. One is Wilson Fielder Collection XLS, which is a premium model for third basemen. It features knuckle padding and mesh accents for optimal comfort. The Wilson Pro Series 3, Series 5, and Series 7 are all premium models with knuckle padding and mesh accents.

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