Best Youth Catchers Gear Set

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Catcher’s sets contain all required catcher’s gear in one complete package. They are a great choice  – especially for younger catchers – in need of brand new or replacement gear.

All-Star System 7 Axis

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All Star’s System 7 (S7) Axis lineup is among the most technology laden, premium level, highest quality catcher’s gear currently on the market. This set comes with the S7 (MVP2510) catcher’s helmet, the Axis chest protector, (CP912S7X), and Axis leg guards (LG912S7X).

You can purchase this particular set in one of two sizes: 1 set for 12 – 16 year olds; and 1 set for 9 – 12 year olds. The gear in each set is the same, other than the size differences. Please note that sizes of each piece of gear will be posted on the webpage of the retailer. The catcher’s helmet is made out of a resin shell, which does a good job of protecting the wearer.

It also has an I-Bar Vision™ frame, which is a unique, proprietary design that strengthens the cage and increases the range of view beyond your typical catcher’s helmet. The Axis chest protector comes with added protective plates (made out of a strong material called polyethylene) inserted into the portion of the chest protector covering the sternum and collarbone area.


  • Made by an elite and well respected brand
  • Axis is All Star’s premium and most technology packed gear
  • The helmet, chest protector and leg guards provide excellent protection, yet are lightweight
  • This gear is designed not to shift around as abruptly as others
  • The set is available in multiple colors and different sizes

Jen Schro The Very Best, by Easton

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Jen Schro’s The Very Best is Easton’s newest line of Fastpitch Softball catcher’s gear, and it is impressive due to its quality and distinctive features. The Very Best set was designed specifically for female catchers and includes a catcher’s helmet, chest protector, and leg guards.

The set is available in three sizes: small, medium or large. Small is intended for girls aged 9 – 12, medium for ages 12 – 15, and large for ages 15 and older. This very unique and very high quality gear stands out for a number of reasons.

First is the chest protector. It has two straps that connect at the front, allowing for a much easier and custom adjustment than other chest protectors on the market. It’s a really cool and useful feature. The chest protector also features motivational phrases from Jen Schro on its inside lining. That’s particularly unique and a nice touch.

The second area that stands out is the leg guards. They were design in such a way as to wrap around a large portion of the legs. Additionally, the leg guards include more knee padding than any other Fastpitch Softball leg guards that we’ve seen, which helps the wearer do a better job at blocking and throwing from the knees.


  • Easton is a top brand, especially among Fastpitch Softball catchers
  • This set is packed with unique, high quality features
  • The chest protector comes with two adjustable straps connecting in the front
  • Additional padding in the leg guard is strategically placed over the knee
  • The catcher’s helmet has anti-sweat and anti-microbial lining

Wilson EZ Gear

We believe that Wilson EZ Gear is the best catcher’s gear set for tee ball catchers. The set comes with a catcher’s helmet, chest protector and leg guards. The catcher’s helmet is made out of a strong, ABS plastic shell with a glossy finish on the outside. It is lightweight and well ventilated.

The chest protector and leg guards have Wilson’s QuickChange™ system, which allows parents to adjust the gear on their kids once, then it stays at that level of adjustment without further tweaking needed. In short, it is a great choice for very young kids just starting out at the position who are in need of a new set of catcher’s gear.


  • Strong, lightweight catcher’s helmet
  • Good chest protector connection that stays in place well
  • Comes with removable shoulder caps
  • Available in multiple colors

These are the three best youth catchers gear sets currently.

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