A Good Baseball Bat

How To Buy The Best Baseball Bat

A Baseball Bat is basically a club that you use to hit the ball and is generally made of wood or metal. During the mid 19th century, the baseball batters were known to provide shape to their bats by their hands, but with the passage of time, these bats have become more refined. In early years the baseball bats were of different shapes, sizes, and weights but now they are more uniform in design. As per the MLB regulations, a baseball bat cannot be more than 2.75 inches in diameter at the thickest part. The length of the bat cannot exceed 42 inches and its weight cannot exceed 36 ounces or 1 kilogram.

Technical Details Of A Baseball Bat

A baseball bat has several regions and the thickest part from where it is meant to hit the ball is known as the barrel. The finest part of the barrel is the sweet spot. It is a spot where the ball makes contact with the bat.  The ending part of the barrel is the cap and just opposite to the cap the barrel narrows until it meets the handle. The Handle is comparatively thinner to allow the batters to comfortably grip the bat and it usually has a rubber or a tape grip. The large piece beneath the handle is known as a knob of the bat which keeps the bat from slipping away from the batter’s hand. When an able batter wields a baseball bat, it is a Lumber which is a slang term for the bat.

A baseball bat with a larger bat drop increases swing speed whereas a bat with a smaller bat drop creates more power. The process of subtracting the length of the bat in inches from its weight in ounces calculates the bat drop.

Rawlings Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat Series

Rawlings Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat Series

Materials And Manufacturing Details

Wood or Metal, especially aluminum are the key manufacturing materials for a baseball bat. Wooden bats are generally of maple, hickory, or bamboo. In the wooden section, maple bats are more popular over hickory as hickory makes the bat heavier because of its weight which slows down the bat speed. The manufacturers usually place the bat’s label on the weaker side of the wood to reduce the risk of fracture. In today’s world, machines fix the metal template for precise calibration points. Majority of the bats have the essential information like the name of the manufacturer, its serial number and in some cases, even the signature of the player endorsing the brand is printed on the best side of the bat.

Louisville Slugger 2019 Baseball Bat

The Unique Features

  • The bat is USA standard compliant.
  • The product has the regulatory approval for using them in various kinds of baseball leagues and baseball sporting events.
  • It has a 2 ½ inches speed barrel diameter.
  • The bat is a 1 piece SL Hyper Alloy construction for durability and great contact.
  • The bat has Speed Ballistic Composite End Cap for efficient swing speed and bat control.
  • For a comfortable grip, the bat has LS Pro Comfort Grip.
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